Harry Potter Birthday Cake comes to Hampshire

May 12, 2018


It starts with an idea and just grows. I probably take too much time over my cakes, but it is more my craft than a money maker. Although I trying  to be more of a business woman.  This cake was for a special daughter of a special person. A Harry Potter super fan. I started with Hedwig. Sometimes things just work first time. I was really pleased with how he turned out.

Then it was Dobby's turn. He almost didn't make the cut! He looked a bit like a house elf that had been on the pies and had had a botched nose job. But he had enough essence of Dobby to be recognisable.


 An authentic Harry wand made from a covered kebab stick and  Harry's glasses finish the whole Potter theme.


Finally the cake itself. A victorian sponge for the book of spells and chocolate for the sorting hat. Each cake was carved into shape and then covered with chcolate ganache. A great new find was the idea of using off cuts of sponge mixed with buttercream as modelling clay and filler. A brilliant idea (dont tell anyone my secret). This was used for the creases and bendy end of the hat. It saves using rice crispies and marshmallows and is great for using up cake that is often thrown away.

I am really proud of this one.



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