A New Start

March 3, 2018

Welcome to my  first ever blog!

I am sitting here wondering what people might like to hear about. I have learnt so much in the last year about social media, website making, Facebook ads and am still learning. I am proud of my progress from novice to know it all (well, not quite).

Giving up teaching 2 years ago, I wondered whether I could design cakes full time. With my family behind me, supporting me, I took the plunge.

However scary it might feel at times, I have found a new passion and energy. To be your own boss and having full control of your business is so satisfying. I sit in my work room fully absorbed in what I am doing... The perfect mindfulness. 

Having started out making cakes for my loyal friends and family, a big breakthrough was when I began getting orders from people I didn't know. They might have been friends of friends or people who had tasted one of my cakes at a venue, but when orders came through Facebook Ads I felt this was a real business.


I now look forward to the next challenge with glee. I love those off the wall requests like the Grizzly Bear for a couple who were emigrating to Canada. I often surprise myself, and with that, my confidence is growing day by day. I love the reaction of my clients and to be involved in someone's special day is an honour. The excitement is infectious when advising and planning with  a couple as they choose their wedding cake. Quietly setting up the cake at the venue in the morning and the butterflies begin....



So if you have always wanted to be creative and to be your own boss, take the plunge. You might feel you don't know how, but you can. With support from friends and family, a bit of research, blind panic and learning  from your mistakes, you will get there.


Like today....I've just been Pottering about....

A wingless Hedgwig, Harry's wand and a snitch... the beginnings of a cake. Just the sorting hat to go.





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March 3, 2018

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